If you clicked on a link from Queen City Nerve, you have been reading a FALSE story about Jim Seidel. It was written and published by Justin LaFrancois, who has a dislike for Jim and successful people like him. Justin actually describes his own publication as a "Liberal Garbage Pile Masquerading as a Media Outlet". What kind of person says that? He is also allegedly friends with some of the people in this story who were a constant source of bad reviews, poor work ethics and alleged stealing and declared narcissistic. Mr. LaFrancois is allegedly hiding from the police and allegedly will not cooperate with them in a legitimate investigation of so called sources that have repeatedly harassed the Seidel family, his wife and teenage daughters. The individuals in question of this harassment have been kicked off of the school cheerleading squad for bullying, their brothers have been in and out of trouble with law enforcement and her mother is an illegal alien and remains in this country illegally and others have been sued by others (meaning not me) in the past for Defamation. These are the people that this self described trash paper and it's publisher Justin La Francois are hiding from law enforcement. 

Things I proved to this paper with verifiable information that they never bothered to mention to their readers: 

  • I did not work Mother's Day weekend in question. Paystubs were provided. 

  • His term "king" is ridiculous and shows his alleged poor journalism skills

  • I have a security camera for protection. There are over 100,000 million cameras in use in homes and businesses. it is alleged Justin has a sick mind. 

  • His bathroom incident. My daughter was standing there when it happened. 8 other employees were within 10 feet. It was nothing. it is alleged Justin has a sick mind. 

  • The person in which he is writing about worked for me for weeks after his false Mother's Day narrative. Pay stubs were provided.

  • CMP confirmed in writing that only ONE (1) police report was filed for our address, vandalism in 2016 and the cleaner filed one for a fake $20 bill. NO SUCH THING as a sealed police report. Confirmed by CMPD. By the way, you too can request this and see what I proved to Justin. He never mentioned this to his readers in any update. 

  • Justin allegedly plagiarizes copyrighted material in his story. He never tells his readers this. 

  • Justin allegedly misled Detective Jessica Hall in his interview with her. He also asked her about information for a friend of his. He never mentioned this to his readers in any update or article. 

  • The story about a student at Indian Land was with a mother of a friend of my daughters. He never mentioned this to his readers in any update. 

  • No police report has ever been written about me or the Carolina Meat & Fish Co doing anything improper. He never mentioned this to his readers in any update. 

  • Justin directly told the police he would NOT help them in any investigation of the harassments of Jim Seidel. He never mentioned this to his readers in any update. 

  • This article that disparages me is libel, it's filled with misinformation and you the reader have been misled. Don't you the reader feel lied to in a way by Justin LaFrancois? 

UPDATE 6/23/2022 | NEW Evidence will be forthcoming soon that PROVES the Justin LaFrancois story is completely FALSE. We're working through it all now, look for it posted next week, the week of June 26th.

Mr. LaFrancois also did an alleged hit piece on our our company a year ago when we legitimately signed up for the Covid-19 shot. It alleged that he made lies up about us back then when someone alleging that they were an employee lied about their age to get a vaccine shot. Coincidently is was after that when Justin LaFrancois started his attack article on Mr. Seidel. And it's possible the woman who lied to get the shot is one of Justin's "sources". Which is funny because she never was employed at the market.




We gave Justin verifiable facts that disputed what he wrote about us and he chose not to add that in his publication. We suppose because our verifiable facts would prove that everything he wrote was a lie from whomever gave him this lies and blow up his article he worked on since the Covid article, and he was bound and determined to publish to smear the good name of Mr. Seidel. We even provided him verifiable facts that Jim was not at the market on Mother's Day weekend. Justin never told his readers that did he? 

We called Detective Jessica Hall with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit and she told us that he mislead her when she was interviewed by him and she had never heard of Mr. Seidel. Detective Hall also said Justin asked her an "off the record" question concerning "a friend of his". It is alleged that Justin is friends with whomever gave him the lies to print. Or at least he thinks he is. Justin never told his readers that did he? 

We emailed the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Records Division and there are only 2 police reports for this address. One was when we had vandalism in 2016, and another was a counterfeit bill at the dry cleaner in our complex. The CMP also never ever heard of a "sealed" police report. Call it poor journalism, or whatever you want. I have the real truth from CMPD themselves. BTW, you can also easily email CMPD records division and receive the same info I did. Justin never told his readers that did he? 

Justin allegedly plagiarized content from another Copyrighted website in his article. Justin never told his readers that did he? A link to it is not legally acceptable either. 

Mr. LaFrancois goes on to tell you I was an upstanding employee at every school and club I ever coached. Yet tossed in unfounded and unproven "allegations" to make it seem seedy. This is call a "hit piece". It is alleged that Mr. LaFrancois is a card carrying member of the Republican Party, a MAGA fan and attended Trump rallies with white supremist. Is this true? It's alleged. If it's a rumor, why write about it? To make his hit piece story seem more dramatic. Remember, Justin is allegedly friends with his alleged "source". They have allegedly made all this up about Mr,. Seidel in a dramatic hit piece.





















Mr. LaFrancois makes a BIG deal out of a security camera we have in the market. One that keeps our employees and customers safe. You see the view we have. It's not very clear or flattering, but LaFrancois apparently thinks it's weird. We, and many others think Justin is weird for thinking that. 

Mr. Seidel did resign from Fort Mill High School in Justin's "update". Not because of any of the lies told about Mr. Seidel in his article, but rather to make sure the student athletes and their families felt comfortable, the people who read Mr. LaFrancois' filth. The school is and was backing Mr. Seidel because their internal investigation proved Justin's story false, the players were and parents also supported Jim. The school was kindly arranging for meetings and discussion about the hit piece article after their investigation found Jim was harmed from the false article and from the district supported him. The printed lies were too much to deal with for such wonderful players and parents. Mr. LaFrancois ruined a good man's name for a narcissistic friend. Who is the friend he asked Detective Hall about? He won't tell anyone.  

We also believe that one or more of Mr. LaFrancois' "sources" are one of the people he wrote about who lied about their age to get the Covid shot, and others are narcissists that were sued by Mr. Seidel to leave he and his family alone. 

Because at the end of the day, this hit piece article was written only to harm Mr. Seidel. Not expose any truth. To Harm Mr. Seidel, his successful coaching career and business. The constant harassment started small and kept getting larger when no one would believes their narcissistic lies. Mr. LaFrancois believed their lies and printed their lies in his hit piece. 

According to Dr. Ramani Durvasula Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Professor of Psychology, California State University | Author - Narcissists present signs and here are some absolute signals the narcissist is finished with you: 

1. You are accused of lying, cheating, being disloyal frequently with no clear explanation or reason.

2. The narcissist continuously takes advantage of you and exploits you with no let-up.

3. The narcissist is always in a rage at you

4. Narcissists are charming bullies who are often motivated by a deep fear of abandonment, something they experienced in childhood. Now they punish the rest of the world for it.

5. Narcissists tend to attract those they perceive as weaker and they use shame to intimidate, controlling them through anger and disgust.

6. Narcissists will sneak around and tell lies about you to others, this personality disorder also sends anonymous letters with the intent to make their victim appear to be an aweful person. 

(Video on How Narcissists Talk About You Behind Your Back )

The people who have lied to Justin LaFrancois have classic DSM-4 Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They have all been rebuffed, sued, cut off, fired, let go, or reprimanded by me in some way or another in ordinary business dealings. When narcissists are rebuffed, they become "vindictive" and tell lies about the person who they believed "wronged" them

I hope none of you reading this ever encounter a narcissists. I have this hit piece as the result, where they got some gullible 28 year publisher, along with Allison Braden, who own a computer and wrote their lies. 

If you know me, you know I am nothing as described in this article of lies. Not even remotely. The schools have all stood by me, the school investigation showed Jim was harmed and the evidence proved Jim's records, the clubs, my wife and kids, my friends, people who matter. Justin LaFrancois was lied to. But even after I presented him with verifiable facts disputing his "allegations" he still printed his hit piece version without showing you the evidence that I sent him. Maybe he's taking revenge on me for his "friend" as Detective Jessica Hall suggested. Maybe he's just not that good at what he does. But what he printed was not fact, it was fiction imagined up by crazy narcissists with weird revenge feelings for being somehow rebuffed. Quite possibly we'll never know as LaFrancois is hiding them from you and the police. He also misled you in his article when he said "We reached out to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office about any ongoing investigation but did not get a response." In an email to me and Detective Paul Lyons Justin wrote, " I will not be cooperating with any police investigation". So why say he wrote the police but never heard back? One reason only, to make himself look like the good guy and that he did his job right. But Justin never told you that he said that to the police did he? Because his hit piece wouldn't look so good.

The article is full of lies, misleading statements,  distortion of the facts, disregard of actual facts and a lack of investigative journalism and is a trash story, a hit job on Mr. Seidel and anyone who actually knows Jim knows it. Justin, I hope you're happy that you and your narcissistic friends got your kicks on writing this hit piece about me. Literally none of your what you "allege" is true. 

It's June 11th, 2022. We'll see how long this link stays linked up on his trash story. 

Justin LaFrancois
Justin LaFrancois