Queen City Nerve Article Proven False, Seidel Fully Vindicated

In May 2022, the Queen City Nerve, an underground news website and paper, wrote and published an alleged hit piece on Jim Seidel, owner of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co, an award-winning and nationally recognized fresh food market located in Charlotte, NC. The self appointed publisher, Justin LaFrancois, describes the Queen City Nerve as an "Alt-weekly publisher, best liberal garbage pile masquerading as a media outlet." According to his LinkedIn profile, and before becoming Publisher of the Queen City Nerve, Mr. LaFrancois was an assistant manager at Ed's Tavern for approximately one year, a beverage director at Piedmont Social House for four (4) months, a manager at Moo & Brew for 11 months, managed Vendor Relations for the Taco Luncha Festival for one year, was a salesperson for Creative Loafing for nine (9) months before it went out of business and then after Creative Loafing went bust Justin made himself Publisher of the Queen City Nerve for which he is the owner and managing member. They have no permanent office address and only use a cooperative address or their home. According to his LinkedIn page, there is no high school or any college listed for any formal education background, nor is there any professional training listed for anything related to journalism or being a writer. His only work experience in journalism prior to making himself publisher was as a then 27 year old salesman that sold advertising for 9 months for the now bust Creative Loafing.

In Mr. LaFrancois' alleged hit-piece article on Jim Seidel, he alleges through anonymous sources that Mr. Seidel did and said several inappropriate things to one or more individuals who allegedly worked at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co sometime between December 2019 and May 2020. Specifically, Mr. LaFancois's centerpiece in his article he alleges that Mr. Seidel had an inappropriate confrontation with one or more individuals who allegedly worked with Jim that weekend at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co during Mother's Day weekend 2020, and another time during Christmas 2019. He also reported comments allegedly made by Jim, the article states they are from his anonymous sources. Below you will be able to read four(4) sworn statements that are legally notarized from current and former female employees of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. All four (4) of these employees worked during the time(s) that the Queen City Nerve article was written about and proves the Queen City Nerve article was false.

• In their sworn statements, you will see that each person specifically states that Jim Seidel did not work the weekend of Mother's Day 2020 and that they had worked that weekend and did not see him work all weekend. The centerpiece of QCN's article was placing Seidel there all or parts of weekend and working and specifically closing. Seidel did not close with anyone as he did not work according to four sworn statements of people who actually did work that weekend. Real and multiple (4) employees who actually worked that weekend confirm it in sworn statements. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• In their sworn statements, you will read that current and former employee state that never at any time did they ever see or hear of any inappropriate language or behavior from Jim. The current and former employees will tell you how well Jim Seidel treated them professionally and respectfully, but also state that they have seen all other employees treated with the same respect and nothing was ever seen or heard that was ever inappropriate from Jim. These were real employees who worked at the market during the time Mr. LaFrancois writes about Seidel. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• The current and former employees will also tell you about the Christmas incident Mr. LaFrancois wrote about was completely blown out of proportion. Each person swears they were there that day and/or very near the 3 second event and that it was a non-event, a non-issue event that lasted for 3 seconds during the busiest day of the year. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• The current and former employees will also swear that Jim Seidel is a fair boss, and they have never heard him ask to be called anything besides Jim or Mr. Seidel. Furthermore, they state Jim has never requested to personally be called "king," nor has he ever referred to himself like that to any employee. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• The current and former employees will also swear that the alleged incident that Mr. LaFrancois writes about, an Instagram exchange between Jim and a player. It never happened that way and that it was actually between the Carolina Meat & Fish Co's Instagram account and one of Jim's friends, the mother of a girl who attended Indian Land High School with Jim's daughter. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• Current or former employees also swear that Jim was the subject of constant alleged harassment and defamation from a fired volleyball coach, the exact same position Jim was now placed in. It was this continuous alleged harassment and anonymous notes that Jim resigned from Indian Land on his own to separate himself and this major distraction to the team and from this person. He eventually sued this person. This former fired coach settled out of court. Justin's article is wrong and he completely left out all the wonderful things Indian Land said about Jim like, "the Lancaster School District gives coach Jim Seidel our highest recommendation to anyone about coach Jim Seidel. His integrity, character and coaching skills are exemplary and we are a better team because of coach Seidel. Once again, Jim Seidel is vindicated.

• The current and former employees will also swear that they all enjoy having the security camera in the market and that it makes them feel safe. They have used it with Jim's help to manage work-related issues. None of these current or former employees that worked for years for the Carolina Meat & Fish Co will tell you that it was ever misused or ever even heard that it was misused. The security camera has only been used for good between them and others at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

All the current and former employees signed and notarized their statements. They signed freely and willingly to help right a really bad wrong. All four were employed and worked at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co when Mr. LaFrancois' stated the events supposedly happened.  All current and former employees swear and refute everything negative Mr. LaFrancois wrote about Jim Seidel. Justin's article is wrong and Jim Seidel is vindicated.

UPDATE 7/18/2022: A former female employee who worked during these times written about, and was friends with the anonymous sources has asked to come back and work for us again in August. Once again proving the Queen City Nerve allegations false.  

It is alleged that Mr. LaFrancois wrote many leading and over-the-top allegations about every single school where Jim Seidel coached volleyball. In each instance, each school completely refuted what Mr. LaFrancois alleged or had a policy not to comment about any employee issue but some went on to tell Mr. LaFrancois that Jim Seidel was a positive employee and coach. Not one school ever had any problem or issue with Jim. Per school guidelines, all employees are background checked, and Jim passed each one with flying colors. No school ever had an incident with Jim; nothing but positive words and three state championship appearances, kids awarded medals, and playoffs won. Justin's article is plain wrong, it is also alleged that in his article, that this issue was made to seem bad by the writer when in reality every school had great words to say about Jim Seidel.

It's also allege that Mr. LaFrancois was extremely misleading in his story when he interviewed Detective Hall from CMPD. We have direct quotes from written notes from our phone call to Detective Hall when she emphatically stated, "Mr. LaFrancois never told me anything about you (Jim Seidel); I'm sorry, but this reporter never mentioned you at all." Detective Hall went on to say, "sometimes reporters don't tell us (the police) that they are going to use our words from a simple interview in a completely different story that has no bearing to what we told them." Interestingly, Detective Hall did remember and tell us over the phone, "But I do remember him (Justin LaFancois), saying he had some more questions about a friend of his, but it had to be off the record." Someone may thinks that from this that Mr. LaFrancois allegedly called Detective Hall pretending to want just a plain old standard interview. Then Justin allegedly uses said interview with Detective Hall to pump up his story and add portions of it in a story about Jim Seidel to make it look official and grandiose and over the top, all the while it was unbeknownst to Detective Hall and you the reader that Justin did this. It's alleged that the publisher and former beverage director at Piedmont Social House severely mislead you, the reader and Detective Hall in this portion of his article.

Police reports: Mr. LaFancois alleges in his story that his anonymous source may have filed a police report and that there is a "sealed" police report. We contacted the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's "Police Records" Division. According to an email from CMPD dated May 6th, 2022, the department does not know what "sealed records" are; see below. CMPD does have two police reports from 16709 Orchard Stone Run, the address the Carolina Meat & Fish Market shares with 5 other businesses. One was from vandalism at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co in March 2016, and the other was for counterfeit money passed at another business in July 2017. CMPD has no other police reports for that address from anyone from December 2019 to present day. We allege that Mr. LaFrancois again used grandiose and over-the-top language to make his story appear more official when in fact it was not official at all. Justin's article is wrong. 



















When you read an article, you expect it to have at least some some truth. Then again, according to their LinkedIn profile, Mr. Lafrancois has no formal education or experience in writing, journalism, or publishing anything related to journalism. His only work experience appears from working at Ed's Tavern and Moo & Brew as an event planner. In just three years, from 2015 to 2018, Justin LaFrancois has held as many as 6 jobs in the food & beverage industry for a year or less; his last and final job listed is as "Publisher" of the Queen City Nerve. It's also alleged that Mr. LaFrancois is obsessed with Jim Seidel and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. This alleged obsession has gone from Justin writing a misleading article about us in January 2021 about the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and COVID vaccines. In this article Justin incorrectly and falsely writes that a 50 year old woman was an employee of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and that she lied to get the vaccine. We had no employees at this time that were even that close to 50 years old. Whomever it was that spoke to Justin at that time and gave him quotes allegedly lied to him about being an employee. Our payroll records show no individual with this description was working for us at that time as an employee or contractor. Can this person prove with payroll records from the Carolina Meat & Fish Co that they were an actual employee in January of 2021?  They will not be able to because no such person fitting this description ever worked for us.  Then approximately three (3) months later, Justin writes to a high school that Jim coached for, asking a lot of probing questions, making untrue accusations and about his employment and coaching there. The school in question gave Mr. LaFrancois rave reviews of Jim Seidel as a spectacular employee that took Jim coached to the state championship. In addition to all this, we have the now proven false story he published about Jim and his character and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co just over a year later after the first false article was written about them. This makes two (2) false stories published about Jim and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co where someone lied to Justin about them and he wrote it and published said lies told to him.

Mr. LaFrancois' alleged unprofessionalism has now been risen to new heights. Below you will find excerpts of an unwanted and unsolicited email Jim received from Justin Francois, and social media comments from Justin LaFrancois that were also unwanted and unsolicited, attacking Jim.

Excepts from the unwanted and unsolicited email received directly from Justin LaFrancois on June 23rd at 4:03am is as follows below:

• Hey Jim, You can write all the absolutely unhinged, ridiculous shit about me, but that link is never coming down.

• for god's sake, get an editor or someone to read what you type before publishing it.

• I've been waiting for you to sue me as you promised? Hmmm.

• Alright, have a great one


Justin Francois


Queen City Nerve

Nerve Media Productions LLC

Mobile: (980) 349-3029

On or about July 30th, 2022 Mr. LaFancois and the team at Nerve Media Productions LLC had all been served with a  CEASE & DESIST letter, (we'll publish that soon).  In the letter, it demands that the Queen City Nerve remove two articles about Jim Seidel and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. Factual evidence, along with sworn statements that were signed and notarized by the people making the statements prove the said articles to be false and misleading about Jim Seidel and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. Add in Mr. LaFrancois' own statement saying that, "that link is never coming down", proves Mr. LaFrancois, no matter what evidence comes to light, he states he will never take down the false links to the stories and that is considered by the courts as "actual malice". Add in his personal and unprofessional attacks against Mr. Seidel on his social media, and you now have a very strong legal case. Continuing to keep these false stories up after 10 days of being served would show cause that Nerve Media Productions LLC and its members have deliberately "cast false light" upon Jim Seidel and defamed the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. What this means is, after they have received the cease & desist orders which provided direct refuting evidence, and they keep up their original story after 10 days of receiving it, they will now be subject to a lawsuit and will have to answer as to why they kept up information that cast a false light upon Mr. Seidel and defamed the Carolina Meat & Fish Co.


To the other members of Nerve Media Productions LLC, do you want to risk your company, paper and possibly personal assets for now proven false stories? Take them down everywhere and we move on with life. Continue to keep these false and damaging stories up and we will have no other choice but to protect our good name that has been severally damaged by your publisher who clearly has a personal grievance against Mr. Seidel. 

From his email, it appears that Justin is possibly taunting and obsessing over Jim. Justin is using highly unprofessional and foul language, demeaning language, and presumably teasing and taunting Jim to sue him. For the record, we have never stated that we will sue anyone. Instead, we have indicated that we have sued people in the past to protect our name and image. This isn't an email you would expect from any news worthy organization, especially from its Publisher. 

Below is an unsolicited and unwelcomed comment and then a post by Justin Larancois on Jim's open social media account and about Jim. Unfortunately, it appears Justin is now seeking out Jim online, and it appears Justin wants to fight or some other form of unprofessional behavior. In my life, I have never never seen any journalist attack someone so rudely, using such obscene language, and making fun of people as much as I believe Justin has here.






















We were forced to block Justin and the Queen City Nerve from our various social media accounts and had to block them from our Twitter account, where he goes by "Justin LaFuckIt," where we were also badgered and stalked by Justin. The man actually took the time to seek out our personal social media account and rudely comment on it. Then Justin downloaded our content and reposted it on his Twitter account to make fun of us, and make fun of our clothing we were wearing from his company Twitter account. Once again Justin writes completely wrong information. He also misspells an accusation that no one besides him has ever alleged about us. I did not have to resign, I did it to protect the school and the players from the circus that these false accusations created and I'm not "now selling" my business. It was placed for sale in December, 2021, and that is also verifiable. Once again, this publisher completely got the facts wrong, misspelled words and taunted, made fun of Jim and made himself look completely unprofessional and unreliable as any source for anything, let alone "news".

Justin's history of alleged stalking of Jim Seidel while using the Queen City Nerve.

  • January 2021 Justin writes false and misleading story about the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and Covid vaccine. No woman 50 or older worked as an employee at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co at that time. This is a complete lie in his story. He was lied to and printed said lie. This is an alleged developing pattern with him. 

  • Spring 2021 Justin writes Mountain Island Charter School about inquiring about Jim and making accusations. Mountain Island responds with a very positive letter about Jim

  • May 2022 Justin writes false story about Jim and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co

  • May 2022 Justin refers to Jim on his Twitter page as "Fuck this piece of shit" and calls me "unhinged"

  • June 2022 Justin sends unsolicited email to Jim using foul language once again, highly inappropriate language for someone who wants to be taken seriously as a news organization and taunts Jim to sue him using his Queen City Nerve email.

  • June 2022 Justin stalks Jim's social media account and makes rude comments.

  • June 2022 Justin downloads Jim's social media posts and reposts it to his Queen City Nerve Twitter account to make fun of Jim, Jim's clothing and that "Jim is obsessed with Justin" (Btw, as a "publisher" of news and someone who makes fun of people's grammar, Justin misspelled the word "being" and spelled it "bein" and didn't capitalize the word God.) This particular Tweet has been deleted.

  • There may be more, this is what we have uncovered so far.


We have uncovered where Mr. LaFrancois may get his alleged obsession with law enforcement and his alleged disdain for authority. We were able to uncover numerous alleged run-ins and arrests with the law concerning Justin Robert LaFrancois: Three of which are alleged criminal cases, of which Justin allegedly allowed an unlicensed minor to drive a motor vehicle and in the same case was criminally charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor less than 19 years old. There are two other criminal charges that were alleged to Justin LaFrancois, publisher of the Queen City Nerve. They are listed below.

  • Feb 10, 2017 - Justin left Piedmont Social House a few weeks after this arrest. Criminal Case Number 01590MECKLENBURG2017CR003978 

  • April 29th, 2013 Infraction in Case Number 0302013IF 700556

  • Feb 19th, 2011 Criminal Case Number 1202011702928CR Allow Unlicensed Minor To Drive | Arraigned: consume Alcohol By <19 (Predatory behavior against minors) According to Child Lures Prevention, most children that fall victim to sexual crimes are lured and groomed into situations in which they become more vulnerable to abuse. Grooming is a manipulative technique that gradually lowers the child’s defenses over time, so it’s important to recognize its different stages: Targeting the child: The adult finds and becomes fixated on the child. Grooming begins when the offender grants the child special privileges, like rides in cars to sports practice. We can only wonder what happened in that car with Justin and the underaged minor when the police allege he let them drive. 

  • December 11th, 2011 Criminal Citation in Case Number 5902011744787CR

  • October 11th, 2010 Case Number 1202010711012IF

  • October 15th, 2010 Case Number 1202010711148IF

  • July 20th, 2011 Case Number 1202011708589IF

So who should you believe? A 28-something year old Justin LaFrancois that has an alleged criminal history and whose own LinkedIn page (his LinkedIn page has gone private after we showed his work history) shows he hasn't held a job for much more than a year at bars and burger bars, and has an alleged long history of alleged stalking, badgering, and use of foul language attacking Jim and overall taunting of Jim Seidel. Do you believe a publisher who has allegedly been arrested or detained by the police 7 times in the last 11 years according to sources, of which the police allege that Justin allowed an unlicensed minor to drive and supply them with alcohol? A Publisher that has no prior formal education in journalism or training in it whatsoever. Someone who has allegedly stalked, taunted, ridiculed, made fun of and called names about Jim, and wrote numerous false articles. Someone who says the publish news but has allegedly been completely biased, one sided, spiteful, demeaning and highly unprofessional. Or do you believe Jim who has four (4) current and former employees come forward and swear in signed statements that what was written about him by the Queen City Nerve was just plain wrong and false. These 4 also worked at the market during the time frame in which this article was written. Someone who has had every school or club he has ever worked for give him nothing but high praise as an employee and coach with zero incidents. Someone who has created jobs for many, has won multiple local, national and global awards for his business, has been repeatedly on TV teaching cooking, constantly background checked for safety, married 24 years, father to two amazing and successful daughters, coached in three state volleyball championships and has help countless players achieve their goals of playing volleyball in college. Which one would you choose? This article never should have been written or published. Sufficient facts were provided and we allege that Justin ignored those. We don't know why people have lied about Jim and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. Unfortunately these days people seem to get their kicks trying to ruin other people's lives. But real employees who worked there at the time have proven in sworn statements what was written was all wrong.  

The evidence is now clear. We've now proven beyond a shadow of doubt with sworn statements signed and legally notarized by current and former employees that everything negative published in the Queen City Nerve story about Jim Seidel was false, wrong, and/or misleading and has vindicated Jim. Every school contacted by Justin LaFrancois gave Jim nothing but positive employee evaluations. The police allegedly believe Justin misled them in his interview with them. We have shown you that the CMPD Records Division directly disputes through their own records and emails that any allegation Justin presented as fact in his story. We've shown you that Justin has no formal education or training to be a journalist, let alone a news website publisher. He's just a young kid with a computer posting "shock" stories allegedly for Google ad revenue. We've also shown you what we believe that Justin has been utterly unprofessional in his manner, language, alleged stalking in his dealings with Mr. Seidel for well over a year now on multiple occasions. To the point that Mr. Seidel had to block Justin's known personal and company social media accounts to stop Justin LaFrancois from allegedly badgering, taunting, stalking and acting entirely unprofessionally. This is not news, it is an alleged hit piece filled with completely false information on Jim Seidel and he deserves an apology from Justin LaFrancois and the Queen City Nerve! Our current and former employees and customers deserve an apology from Justin LaFrancois. The teams, schools, clubs, kids, and parents I have coached deserve an apology from Justin LaFrancois.  Anyone that read Justin's story deserves an apology from Justin LaFrancois. The overall readers of the Queen City Nerve deserve an apology from Justin LaFrancois and maybe their money back. Justin LaFrancois, have you no decency of what is right? Have you no professionalism? Do you have any shred of what is right in you? Why do you continue to attack me on your Twitter and call me horrible names, make fun of my clothing, grammar and evidence that I freely gave to you? This is something an 8th grader does, not and adult who is almost 30, and someone with the responsibility of reporting and publishing the news with an unbiased view. This article isn't news, it was a hit piece put together by sick individuals who lied to you. You allegedly have tried to destroy a good man, his company, his passion for volleyball, and his teaching others for your own personal satisfaction. Volleyball teams have lost an amazing coach because of this false article. Customers have not come to our market because of your false article. I am looked at differently for something I never did and my kids are looked at differently because of your false article. You've now been provided undeniable facts, we ask you remove that story completely from all your controlled websites and post a retraction and/or apology. A personal one will suffice, you know my email address.


The Queen City Nerve Team 

Justin LaFrancois, Managing Member

Christopher Mehalic, Member and also President Truley Carolinas, LLC and EO Charlotte

Ryan Pitkin, Cofounder Nerve Media

Phillip Yancy, Member Nerve Media Productions, LLC and Managing Partner at Converze Media Group

Cease & Desist letters were sent to everyone above via Certified Mail and so far Phillip Yancy and Ryan Pitkin have received them. Meaning they have been officially served notice. 

After our story, it appears Justin is now hiding his social media for which he defamed Jim and cast a false light upon Jim. In the eyes of the of the court this is called covering up your malice and court's do not look kindly to tampering with evidence. His LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages are either deleted or marked as private. Before they were not. We have screenshots of everything before they went dark. During Discovery processes is where you'll find out if they still match up or they were purposely manipulated to hide the truth. He also lists his job title wrong as "owner" of Nerve Media Productions. He is the Managing Member, for which there are three other members and the LLC owns Nerve Media Productions with them all now being personally responsible for the company's actions and the actions of the members. The LLC does not shield them in this case.

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Below shows Justin's 2, possibly 3 profiles. The first two are definitely his. Which is against Facebooks rules. He states he has a backup because he keeps getting banned by Facebook. Feel free to inform Facebook of his rules violations. 

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